After a year of three - 8-week challenges, FIVE finalists were selected based on their body composition transformation score taken from measurements from the InBody scan. The objective is to lose body fat (based on percentage) and gain or maintain lean mass (skeletal muscle mass). Now, it is up to you, the People, to determine who has the best story and is deserving of the title: PEOPLE’S CHOICE CHAMPION. This is no easy task. These individuals are inspiring and have overcome so many hurdles. This hasn’t been a sprint for them and they are to be commended, along with the other nominees for their dedication and hard work.

The People's Choice Champion is the person who exhibits transformation, life change and dedication to overcome hurdles and become the best version of themselves throughout our 2023 - 2024 Challenge Year.

Cindy Ley

“I’m not one to boast about my achievements and had to be convinced to write this story. I know many have made greater changes and faced tougher challenges, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made over the last eight months. My key takeaways and advice for others from this time of transformation are surround yourself with a supportive community (like FitClub), slow and steady wins the race, and strong not skinny!”

Sheila Brown

“To anyone grappling with self-doubt, take a leap of faith. The path to transformation is often riddled with obstacles, but with unwavering support, you can conquer the insurmountable. Luke and the remarkable team at FitClub didn’t just guide me; they lifted me from depression and poor health. Don’t underestimate the power of resilience and community—embrace it, and watch as your life unfolds in ways you never thought possible.”

Leah Schultz

“Just like the little engine that could, I will keep climbing up that big mountain: ‘I think I can, I think I can... I thought I could! I thought I could!’ I might not have it all together or get it perfect, but I will keep going because I have a whole team of lifelong friends who are chugging along with me.”

Kurt Remick

“What stands out the most to me though is the non-scale victories that I’ve had, like struggling to run a mile in the beginning, to completing the Grandma’s Marathon. I also am continuing my commitment to fitness. I haven’t given up and in the past I had. When I look back to the beginning of all of this, I would tell my old self to ‘buy-in’ much sooner  and not waste so much time needing to be convinced.”

Julie Carlon

“My story might not be the typical weight-loss transformation you see. While I've definitely achieved results I'm proud of, the biggest change has been in my mindset. Two quotes hit me hard this year and really shaped my perspective:

  • ‘It's better to be the oldest person in the gym than the youngest person in the nursing home.’ (Fitness Influencers)

  • ‘I never see an old, obese person in the morgue.’ (Dr. G. Medical Examiner)

These became my mantras. Now, instead of dreading exercise, I actually crave it most days. I find myself thinking, ‘I get to go to FitClub today!’ instead of ‘I have to.’

Wall of Inspiration

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