Luke Smith, Owner

Luke is our club owner, trainer, and manager. He wears multiple hats, but nevertheless, he is committed to providing our members with the utmost level of customer service. Luke has over 20+ years of fitness industry experience; spending two years as a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and 11 years with Lifetime Fitness as a Personal Trainer and as the PT Manager. Luke is also a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist with N.A.S.M., so if you have that nagging shoulder, knee, or hip pain, stop and ask him how he can help!

When he’s not coaching in one of the gyms you can usually find him coaching one of his three kids’ teams, being that proud Dad on the sidelines or kicking it back on a lake with a rod in his hand. He’s also the proud supporter of his boss wife, Nicole, who’s part owners of Edge Bar + Boutique. Come by for a workout, a good pun or Dad joke and be sure to ask him about a “free hi five!”

Luke is available for personal training.

Click HERE for Luke’s schedule!

Courtney Wirz - FitClub Operations Manager, Elk River

Courtney is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) she also holds her Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Minnesota State University, Mankato. As an Elk River native she has been involved with sports and fitness in the community since a young age.

Courtney’s motto about fitness is that the most important step is the first one, from there adding to the puzzle as you go one piece at a time! Meeting clients wherever they might be on their journey and empowering all to achieve what they thought was out of reach!

Courtney is a dog mom who loves spending time with her fur babies, family, and friends! Aside from being family and friend oriented, Courtney loves running and traveling and pairs the two together by having a goal of running a race in all 50 states! She recently committed to a new journey and has been training for her first fitness competition!

Courtney is available for personal training.

Jenny Holland-Dehmer, FitClub Manager - Rogers

Jenny has been training clients and teaching classes for many years. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE) and National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and also has a Nutrition Certificate through Precision Nutrition. Jenny also has training in Tabata/HIIT, TRX, Kettlebells, Kickboxing and Senior Functional Living classes. She has trained clients with various fitness goals over the years, clients looking to become healthier, get stronger, lose weight, tone up and more.

Jenny is available for personal training.

Candace Hartwig, Elk River

As a lifelong resident of Elk River, Candace Hartwig, has always loved being active and participating in sports. By day she's a radiology technologist and a sonographer with certifications in American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT), and Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer® (RDMS®). In the wee hours of the morning you can find her barking orders and inspiring FitClub members. She calls being a Results Coach and NASM certified trainer her "fun" job and loves being able to help others.

She has a husband, Jeff (who also attends Snap Fitness in Elk River ), and has three boys: Mitch, Matt, Drew and one daughter, Mckayla. She also has three grand babies McKinley (6), Wyatt (4), and Eli (1).

Her fitness motto is: Keep moving!! Any kind of movement! I’ve learned this from my 91 yr old grandmother who is active and gardening daily! Nutrition, try to eat clean but don’t completely deprive yourself! Life is short enjoy a treat now and then!!

Nate Sharp, Rogers EDGE

NASM certified personal trainer Nate Sharp grew up and currently resides in the Rogers community. After completing his associates in applied science at Dunwoody Technical College, Nate did an apprenticeship with a company that made industrial food processing equipment.

He's mechanically inclined which he brings with him into the gym when he's working with clients; he's able to break movements down step by step because he sees the body as a machine. He has a true passion for exercise and nutrition, now he gets to use his passion to help others.

The best feeling Nate's had as a coach was being able to help one of his clients who struggled with balance make an 18" box jump. He may look tough but you'll soon find that Nate's about as kind as any muscle man out there, he just wants to see people accomplish things they didn't think was possible. His motto is, "If at first you don't succeed, suck it up and put more work in."

Nate is available for personal training.

Miriam Almquist, Elk River FORCE

Growing up in France, Miriam Almquist spent most of her time hiking and exploring the mountains. When she was 17, she moved to Arden Hills, Minnesota to study at Bethel University. One of the things Miriam loves most about being a coach is being able to push people out of their comfort zones and see them succeed in reaching their goals; she loves when she can see light bulb moments in her clients' eyes when they see the hard work both in and out of the gym working. When Miriam's not in the club helping people become best versions of themselves you can find her being a mama to her son and daughter, practicing her photography skills, and spending time outdoors.

Miriam's been married to her husband now for just under a decade and they've known each other since they were teens. Miriam chose to work in the fitness industry because, "I want people to feel good about themselves, feel healthy and strong, feel confident and become better versions of themselves. I know how much fitness has helped me mentally and physically and want others to experience that as well. It is so gratifying to see people succeed." Miriam is NASM certified.

Sally Marier, Rogers

In April 2018, Sally agreed to join a gym challenge after MUCH prodding from her friend, Bert. At that point, she’d suffered from a long history of fad dieting, binge exercising and a hate-hate relationship with her body. But all of that changed when she joined the FitClub family. It’s been 5 years, a lot of setbacks, even more triumphs and a lot of new friends. She wanted to take it a step further and become a NASM certified personal trainer to help others overcome their own obstacles. For Sally, it’s not about the outside appearance, it’s about being healthy, mobile and STRONG, for as many years as possible. Sally is Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified.

By day, Sally works as a health care consultant, using her MBA  and over 30 years experience to help clients manage their member’s health using analytics.  She shares her love of data and spreadsheets by working with Luke on FitClub data projects, as well as cheering on her FitClub family whenever she’s in the club. She is married to Chris and has two daughters, Faith (21) and Annelise (18).  

Sally is available for personal training and Results Coaching.

Heidi Skoog, Elk River & FORCE

As an Elk River native, Heidi Skoog, always knew she wanted to be a teacher. After teaching Kindergarten for one year, Heidi left the classroom to take on her next adventure: Motherhood. As most young moms can attest to, Heidi found that she lost a sense of who she was. In 2018, after being invited to do a FitClub team transformation challenge, Heidi discovered a new lifestyle and started taking the steps needed to find herself again.

Heidi’s career has come full circle now: She can be found in FitClub teaching small group training classes or assisting in our youth athletic development program, FORCE. The most important thing she’s learned about coaching is, “That we all have struggles and everyone is at a different point in their journey…so trying to learn where the individual is at, is so important!”

Heidi is married to Joel and together they have three children. When she’s not in the gym, you can find her baking and decorating cookies or playing pickleball.

Amy Shearer, Elk River

Outside of the Snap FitClub walls, Amy Shearer, runs the office and scheduling for Shearer Carpentry. She loves teaching small groups because of the connections she makes and the improvements she witnesses. Outside of the gym, she's actually very quiet and shy. The gym brings out a whole other side of her.

She has been married for almost 10 year (together close to 20 years) and has two children, Macy (16) and Zachary (12).

Sabrina Dawes, Rogers

The first thing you’ll notice about Sabrina when you meet her, other than her infectious laugh or her sarcastic nature, is her Floridian accent. Born and raised in Titusville, FL, Sabrina, the other half of a twin, now finds herself across the country, living in below freezing degree winters with her husband, daughter, and dog. Working towards a degree in Exercise Science, Sabrina, recently completed her NASM certification and hopes to be able to help others like her. “I chose to work in this industry because I really care about people's health and quality of life. It’s exciting because we can change peoples lives and believe in them even when they don't believe in themselves,” Sabrina explains.

Sabrina believes that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to fitness, everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another. Putting the pieces of that puzzle together is something Sabrina loves doing.

Sabrina is available for personal training.

Jacki Fette, Rogers

Jacki is a NETA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She’s been teaching and training for 8 years. Continuing education is important to her by way of additional trainings, reading and research and then sharing what she learns. At home, Jacki loves taking care of her family by cooking creative, healthy meals. It is her belief that food should look good, taste good and be good for you. Taking care of yourself is key to taking care of others. After all, life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more.

Danae Nusbaum, Elk River

Five years ago if you had asked Danae Nusbaum if she’d ever become a certified personal trainer she probably would have laughed. Life has a way of presenting opportunities to you and when Danae joined FitClub she fell in love with small group training. Happily married, mom of (four, two boys and two girls ages 5yrs - 12yrs) and living in Big Lake, Danae Nusbaum has always wanted to help others. She loves helping others find themselves and better themselves through fitness. When she's not in the gym, you can find her helping mold the minds of the next generation as an elementary lunch aid. When asked what skills she brings to her job she said, “My heart for fitness; because of my personal journey and the drive and desire it has given me to learn more at every opportunity presented.” If people leave her class feeling better about themselves, she feels like she's done her job.

Amanda Hoffman, Elk River Results Coach

Amanda Hoffman, otherwise known as “Hoff”, yes as in “Don’t hassle the Hoff” (Luke Smith came up with the nickname and well, if you know Luke, you know his love for David Hasslehoff knows no bounds), grew up in Mound, Minnesota, but resides in Elk River with her husband (a Joe Gorga lookalike) and two sons (16 and 12). After receiving her associates degree in dental hygiene, practicing for a while, Amanda made a dramatic switch to work in the mortgage industry. You could say that she has a very eclectic background which lends to her wide array of seemingly random but helpful facts.

She found a love of fitness when a friend of hers started doing figure competitions and needed a partner to go to the gym with her. Seeing it as a great way to get out of the house and work off some of the stress of being a young, single mother and full-time student, Amanda figured it couldn’t hurt so why not try. She’s been involved with fitness ever since! What inspires her the most has been seeing those around her overcome obstacles as well as finding their own love of fitness. She loves the community that FitClub fosters when the internship opportunity came up for FitClub she knew she needed to apply. It’s been one of the best decisions she’s made.

Hailey Struthers, Rogers

Hailey Struther's fitness journey began with rigorous Army basic training, earning the prestigious title of Distinguished Honor Graduate. A horseback accident resulting in a broken back and shoulder tear brought her progress to a halt. With unwavering determination, she reclaimed her strength, earning a degree in Equine Reproduction from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Inspired to push further, Hailey entered the world of bodybuilding, winning an overall title in 2023. Her military background imbues her approach to fitness with discipline and resilience. She aims to inspire others to find their inner strength and drive.

Beyond the gym, Hailey channels her passion into creating healthier, protein-rich recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth, and is eager to share these culinary delights and fitness wisdom.

*Hailey is available for personal training.

James Bezanson, Assistant Manager Snap Fitness Rogers

James Bezanson, a resident of Albertville, grew up in the area. Earning a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Minnesota, he spent some time substitute teaching as he searched for his purpose. During this period, he discovered a passion for coaching, which stemmed from his love of sports. Currently, he coaches 10th grade Boys Basketball at STMA, serves as the High Jump coach for the STMA Track Team, and coaches AAU basketball. James works as a Marketing Consultant.

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